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Our team are here to answer every single one of your questions and queries. If there's something that we haven't stated below then pick up the phone or drop us an email.

Frequently asked questions about our kitchens, bedroom, appliances, services, location and anything else.

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What is the process with quotations?

1. We supply quotations based on details supplied or established from our discussions and / or site visit. We will confirm an approximate turnaround time, but aim to supply a full quotation within 10 working days from confirmation of full details. This may be longer when we are busy or if there are special items, which we need to source outside our usual suppliers. We will aim to let you know within reasonable time if there is likely to be any delay in supplying your quotation.

2. Design revisions and amended quotations are generally returned within the same time period depending on the amendments being undertaken.

3. If you need specific timescales adhered to, please can you let us know as early as possible.

4. Our quotations are supplied without obligation, but these can take considerable time in preparation so we do ask that if we contact at a later date to follow up we do ask that you let us know how your project is progressing for feedback.


Are the drawings and visual exactly how my kitchen will look?

1. All drawings are representative of our proposal but specific details may not be shown exactly due to the limitations of the design package used or the details contained within its database.

2. Colours are indicative only for the same reasons and due to printer reproduction. Please refer to product samples for specific finishes.

3. Appliance, sink and tap images used are usually generic so for specific details please refer to our quotation and the relevant manufacturer’s literature.

How will the materials be delivered?

1. Kitchen units and laminate worktops are usually supplied directly from the manufacturer to your home. If you receive a direct delivery and we are not on site we request that you check as far as you can that the items delivered are correct (but without unpacking) and sign the delivery documentation as ‘unchecked’.

2. We cannot always confirm an exact delivery time but will endeavour to give as much notice as possible.

3. You will not be asked to off load delivery vehicles, but we do request that clear space is made for storage of materials and that access is made available.

Will there be additional charges if the flooring needs amending?

1. Where there is panelling at the end of base or tall units, or gable ends on islands, which is set to the floor we request that the flooring is in place before our installation takes place. If our installers are requested to make a return visit to cut these panels to length and fit there may be an additional charge payable for this visit.

2. Where flooring is fitted retrospectively, the legs on the units must not be wound up when this work is underway as this can affect the integrity of the installation. Any remedial work required to correct this work may be chargeable.

3. Plinths can be cut to height to allow for flooring whilst installation is underway, but should a return visit be required to undertake this work there may be an additional charge payable for this visit.

Will you provide a skip?

1. If a skip is listed in our quotation this is based on it being located on your drive unless otherwise specifically stated.

2. We will arrange for your skip to be delivered but we ask that the payment is made directly to the skip supplier.

3. If a skip is required and it has to be located on street this will incur an additional license charge payable which our installers have to pay to Harrogate Borough Council.

4. We are able to arrange removal of metal items from site, but are not able to arange for removal of fridges or freezers. Harrogate Borough Council offer a collection service for these items, and we ask that this is booked and paid for directly with the Council on 01423 500600.

What will happen once I order a solid surface worktop?

1. Solid surface worktops (quartz, granite and acrylic) are supplied and installed by fabricators. Please note that this work is arranged by ourselves, rather than our kitchen installers.

2. Templating takes place on a scheduled basis once your kitchen units are located and secured into position.

3. Installation usually takes place between 5–10 working days after templating with specific lead times dependant on the material, the fabricator and current workloads.

4. We will always try to give you as much notice of the relevant dates, but please note that these may change and installation dates are usually confirmed following templating.

5. We will arrange for a return trip to fit the hob and sink as soon as possible and will confirm at the time. Please note the hob and sink will not function until the worktops are installed and we have returned to connect these up.

What should I know about the installation of my kitchen?

1. Your installation contract is directly with the installers.

2. Installation quotations generally state that services should be correctly located to connect water, gas and electrical items. Our installers can prepare / locate these services as required, but generally this will be to an additional cost to the stated ‘Installation Quotation’ price.

3. Once installation is underway our installers will request access to your premises for as long as possible each day to ensure that our installation proceeds within the planned project timescales. If there is no-one present in the property while on site, they will request a key to allow leaving site to collect materials as required during the working day.

4. Any items which are located in your kitchen and you would like us to retain should be clearly marked to ensure they are not inadvertently disposed of.

5. Issues may arise once work is underway which could not reasonably have been foreseen. In these cases – the situation will be explained to you and if required a quotation for any additional work outside the scope of our original quotation will be given. Examples of these include:

  • Roofing issues revealed when a ceiling is taken down;

  • ‘Floating floor’ under laminate or tiles ie where additional support is needed prior to new flooring being fitted.

  • Electrical issues such as underpowered existing appliances.

6. Also during installation, issues may arise which require modification(s) to the agreed final layout. In these situations, as above, we will explain fully and agree mutually an acceptable way forward. If additional materials are required this may delay the original planned leadtimes.

7. Depending on your product choice, Sheraton kitchen furniture is generally supplied with handle holes pre-drilled, so the location of the handle cannot be amended on site.

8. Unless specifically stated drilling a ducting hole for your kitchen extractor or dryer is not included. If a drill hole exists our installers will endeavour to use it but this may not be possible. If a drill hole is required this will be quoted as soon as the requirement is confirmed. If not feasible, it may be suggested that the extractor is made to operate in recirculation mode which will require either a charcoal filter(s) or recirculation kit which can optionally be priced for if required.

What are your Terms and Conditions?
What do I need to know about gas connections?

1. If you have gas appliances your supply and connections must meet current regulations. Should any gas installation work be required once underway, we will arrange for a Gas Safe approved engineer to attend site and undertake the work This will be priced and invoiced directly from the contractor to ensure that there is a full recording of the work undertaken by the Gas Safe engineer.

2. If any gas pipework / installation / connections do not meet the current regulations, the work undertaken must allow for this to be corrected. We will arrange for the Gas Safe engineer to advise and quote for this work directly should the situation arise.

When will my glass splashback be fitted?

1. Where a glass splashback is requested, the dimensions for this item can only be measured once the worktops have been installed.

2. Once ordered, delivery is 2-3 weeks. Following receipt we will return to fit the splashback as soon as possible.

When should I make an inspection of my kitchen installation?

1. We request that you inspect your kitchen as soon as possible post installation. In the event of items damaged on delivery - these will be replaced free of charge but only up to four weeks after receipt on site.