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About us

About us

We work directly with some of the industry’s best manufacturers whcih enables us to provide you with a trusted source of product. This also allows us to offer relevant manufacturer supported promotions that are direct and undiluted.

We’re honest in our approach, straightforward with our presentation and we try our best not to overcomplicate things.

With five years of trading, we have now worked on over 200 installation so far - you could say we know a thing or two about the industry. We’re a family owned business who understand more than anybody the importance of a functional kitchen that’s affordable and is finished to a standard our customers have come to expect. This is a huge investment for the majority of people who come to us and we make every allowance to fulfil their investment.

As we’re an independent studio, we’re able to make decisions quickly and efficiently. There are preconceptions in today’s market that if you’re an independent business then your prices are going to be uncompetitive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The majority of the time we’re able to beat our major competitors by having strong supply links and an honest approach to pricing. Whether you need to upsize with an extension, open up your living space by removing walls, downsize and divide rooms, or undertake a renovation to update your kitchen or bedroom, we’ll give you our honest advice and we can go from there.

We’re also present at the beginning and the end of the whole process. From the initial enquiry to the end of the work, we’ll always be on hand to deal with any issues or queries you may have. This is something we’ve always done. Come down to our showroom with your project ideas - we’d love to help you 

The Harrogate Kitchen Studio - Quality Kitchens at an Affordable Price.